Christy Lopez Law

Welcome to Christy Lopez Law, a Family Law firm in Gainesville, FL focusing on resolving your divorce and child support/custody issues through mediation or as your attorney.

At Christy Lopez Law we strive to make this stressful time in your life as easy and smooth as possible, putting an emphasis on the well-being of your children.  We know that family law disputes can put a strain on your financial condition.  This is why we emphasize the importance of mediation and resolving your case without excessive Court intervention.  

Our mediation services are only for cases in which neither party is or has been a client in the past, as a mediator must remain neutral and be fair to all the parties in your case.  We also offer services as an attorney and assist with your stress and financial burden here by offering low-cost and flat-rate packages (with payment plans available) to help make the process just a little bit easier.

Whether you are looking for a simple non-contested divorce, have more complex issues relating to child custody, or want to schedule a mediation in your existing case, call today for a consultation.  Christy will help you to develop a plan and resolve your issues. Call us at (352) 354-7745.