Expert Testimony

Expert testimony related to your tax situation or tax credits is available.  A party may to hire services directly or through an attorney.

Tax advice and testimony is related to the preparation of taxes and to the application of tax laws on personal income taxes and business taxes that are claimed on a 1040 tax return, based on experience in tax preparation of personal income taxes since 2011, and certification level of Master Tax Advisor.  

Topics Include:

  • Filing Status (Married, Head of Household, Etc.)
  • Dependency Exemption
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Day Care Credit
  • Retirement Credit
  • Education Credits
  • Affordable Care Act (Credits and Penalties)
  • Interaction of Health Insurance and Taxes
  • Interaction of Child Support and Taxes
  • Who can claim a child? (federal law, parenting plan, differences)
  • Form 8332 - why it matters
  • Interaction of Parenting Plan and the IRS/Federal law
Services require a review of your case and tax research on your specific issues prior to testifying.

***For testimony at a trial or hearing, you must request well in advance to coordinate time on busy Court Calendar***


Standard Hourly: $375

Attorney Discount: $315 (minimal client interaction)